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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

What to expect

from a private sound session or sound bath.

Expect Nothing.

The best way to experience Sound Healing is to just experience it.

For the time that you are with me, allow yourself to sink into the table and relax completely, fully escape into the sounds.

Allow your body to awaken and remember the healing power and natural abilities it has. 

Expect Nothing, but be open to everything.

The client will allow what is needed for their healing process.

I provide the vehicle for the energy to flow through

from source to the Wisdom of the Soul.

What is the difference between a Sound Session and a
Sound Bath?

Not much.  During either service your inner Wisdom will hear the sound and receive the energy as it needs.

A Sound Session typically is one on one with me and a client.  I do offer Couple sessions too.  During a Sound Session we discuss what your intentions are of the time with me, is there something specific you are working through and how I can offer you something you have not tried before in your natural healing path.  I will use specific tuning forks to relax you and to clear and refresh your Chakra system as well as other instruments to pass healing soundwaves into your ears and through your body.

A Sound Bath is typically a public event, but can be completely private for you and your closest friends.  During a Sound Bath I will connect and ground the group's energy by using chimes and drumming.  The parasympathetic nervous system response (relaxation) can be generated from a meditative state.  Through the use of bowls, forks, drumming and other instruments sound waves will sooth your nervous system and leave you feeling refreshed.

What should I do to prepare for my time with Laurie?

  • Drinking plenty of water the day before and after a session will assist the body with cleansing and repairing.  Being well hydrated allow sound waves to travel much better across water and our bodies are made up of more than 50% water.  

  • It is beneficial for you to move from your everyday busy into a sacred space of silence prior to your visit.  Feel free to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment so you can switch off technology, settle into your breath and find a moment of calm.

  • Set an intention for the time we are together.  Something personal.  A feeling.

  • Just be you.  You will meet me in my rarest form, offering myself to you for the time we share together.  I ask that you do the same for me.  Be open to the possibilities.

  • Complete the inquiry form online.  Don't worry, you can do this in the office too.  I will need it completed before the session and it will stay on file for a year before you need to update it.

  • Please leave time to digest your food and process beverages.  Coming with a full tummy may cause an uncomfortable feeling or may interrupt your time with an unexpected bathroom break. 

What will happen during my Sound Session?

Every person experiences Sound Healing differently.  it may shift you into a state of deep relaxation or an altered state of consciousness, or you may even find yourself falling asleep. 

The first thing I tell a new client is "Be open  and allow the sound to flow through you where it is needed.".  I know this can be hard to do, but the sound, energy and vibrations will go where they are needed.  You just need to relax enough to allow that to happen.

Some will receive vibrations and feel themselves moving into a meditative state, while others may experience emotional release.  Some people don't experience anything at all.  Whatever you feel is good, so follow your instincts.  If tears roll from your eyes, if you need to cough, if your leg wants to twitch, let it happen.  You may feel happy and also sad.  Being open will allow you to release deep-rooted emotions you may have been storing for a long time.  Accept the release, welcome it and let it go.

A typical session:

I'll greet you in my office and invite you to remove your shoes while we discuss why you came to see me.  I'll ask you to select an essential oil for the session and hop up on the table and I'll tuck you under cozy blankets (weighted if you prefer).  I will start the session with deep breathing, drumming and chimes.  I will help quiet your mind, guiding you into a theta state of relaxation.  I will continue the session using specific tuning forks, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes and other instruments.  The sound waves will physically and energetically interact with your energy field moving the nervous system into a state of calm.  The session will end with a series of deep breaths and chimes.  You'll take the time you need to get up from the table.  We will discuss your session and I will provide tips to take home to practice at home between visits with me.


What are the Benefits of Sound Healing?

It has been found that sound healing can be effective for a range of mental, emotional and even physical ailments. 

Sound Healing has had many positive results with scientific studies backing up claims for:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • PTSD

  • Dementia

  • Autism Spectrum disorders

  • People with learning difficulties

  • Sleep disorders

  • Aches and Pains


Some of the most reported benefits in scientific research are:

  • Reduced stress

  • Fewer mood swings

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Lower Cholesterol Levels

  • Better Pain Management

  • Improved Sleep

  • Injury recovery

  • Increased Physical Energy

What will I feel like after my sound session?  Should I do anything specific to enhance the benefits?

You just experienced sound waves and vibrations traveling through and interacting wiht every cell in your body. 


The healing resonance offers incredible benefits, so allow your body to rest and take in what it has experienced.   

Allow yourself sacred space and utilize self care to allow your mind, body and spirit to feel balanced.

Some find journaling about their experience beneficial.  Some may continue to the session with a meditation.  Some may feel increased energy and want to exersice.

Drinking plenty of water after a session will assist the body with cleansing and repairing. 

I recommend avoiding going to loud areas and eating a heavy meal after your session.

If you can, spend the rest of your day relaxing, eat light and go to sleep early. 

Do you provide online or in-my-home sound sessions,  baths or classes?

We are currently not offering virtual sound sessions, but will be adding them to our services soon. 

Virtual Sound Sessions and Baths will happen over Zoom, but will be performed like an in-person session/sound bath. 

We will start with a quiet breath-focused meditation and take you into a theta mind set for maximum healing benefits.  The session will continue with personalized tuning forks, singing bowl and chimes playing.

As we navigate in this world of convenience, online services and alternate healing options, we want you to know we are here for you, to support your journey, however you choose that to be.

If coming to our office is not convenient for you, please contact us and we will arrange an in-home session for you.

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