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Events & Classes

Our goal at Wisdom of the Soul is to provide you the best quality

services and learning opportunities in a friendly and warm environment.

Healing is a continual journey of being asked to meet the self more deeply.  

We understand that everyone is at a different stage in their journey,

which is why we offer a number of classs and levels.

Please check back often for updates to our offerings.

No experience necessary.

All classes are held at Wisdom of the Soul unless specified in the event description.  


Sound Bath infused with Reiki

with Vicki Domier, Master Reiki Practitioner, Blissful Buddha Reiki

at Masonic Center (116 8th St S, La Crosse, WI)

Sunday, October 15, 1:00pm

Relax and listen to the tones, frequencies and sounds of healing instruments.  Participants will feel, hear and absorb all the sounds performed with the intention of bringing relaxation, restoration and peace.

The harmonious tones and the healing energies of Reiki will wash over you creating a sense of tranquility, calm and a sacred space for healing.

$20/person - Registration is required

Image by Massimo Rinaldi
Create Your Own Tea Blend
with Heather Ann Happel of PilaTEAS

You won’t want to miss this fun class with Heather Happel from PilaTEAS. Her enthusiasm is contagious and knowledge of herbs is enlightening!

Learn about the healing powers of herbs and create your own unique blend.


While teas brew, attendees will experience a sound bath,

enhancing the relaxing experience.


If you like your tea, take home a supply

along with ideas to inspire you for your own herb garden.

December 10, 2023, 11:00qm​


Super Health Food

August 6, 11:00am

Kichari for all Seasons (and Seasonings)

In this class we will sample several tasty recipes, using principles of

Ayurveda to prepare dishes of steamed veggies and high protein grains,

peas and beans along with spices and sauces designed to support your unique needs. While sipping and tasting you will be able to identify your personal combination of Doshas or metabolic types, and understand simple and delicious

ways you can use this information to support the health of yourself and those you love.


November 5, 11:00am

The Supported Cleanse - Preparing for Healthy Winter

In this class, you will learn delicious recipes that help cleanse the body of wastes and other harmful materials, while at the same time nourishing, strengthening and supporting your ability to feel healthy throughout the Winter months. We will sample soups, sauces, spicy nibbles and non-wheat -based flatbreads designed to provide the basics of a supported cleansing process. This class is especially helpful for people with chronic disease or weakness, or for people taking prescription medications, as we talk about basic safety and common sense with foods, herbs and methods of




$30/person each class

Lunch and Learn

with Laurie Stiers Folz, Herbs All Around

MSN, SRNP Family Nurse Practitioner,
BSc Holistic Nutrition, Certified Clinical Herbalist


Please join us for 3 special events with Laurie as she plays a variety of instruments and you "bathe" in the soothing sounds & vibrations and take a meditative acoustic sound journey.

The human body is made up of 70% water which is the perfect conductor for the vibration of sound, so, it is easy to see why sound healing works.
So, how does it work?
A sound bath is when a group of people gather to relax and listen to the the tones, frequencies, and sounds of healing instruments performed
with the intention of bringing relaxation, restoration, healing, and peace. The recipients can feel, hear, and absorb all the sounds.

During a sound bath, you'll typically lie down on the floor or a yoga mat, perhaps cuddle up with a cozy blanket, and simply listen as you "bathe" in the soothing sounds and vibrations, it is like being on a meditative acoustic sound journey.
By harnessing certain sound frequencies, these healing vibrations slow down the brain waves to a deeply restorative state which activates the body’s system for self-healing and help bring the body and mind back to a state of balance, peace, and harmony.

September 21, 6:30 pm | $25/person

November 9, 6:30 pm | $25/person

December 24, 9:00 am | $25/person

at Get Fit Studio Fitness & Massage for Everybody

315 Ryan St., Holmen, WI 54636

*Registration is required

Sound Bath Events
at Get Fit Studio Fitness & Massage
in Holmen, WI
vision-board 2.png

Vision Board Workshop
& Intro to Human Design

with Carol Ebert, RN, Wellness Practitioner and Coach

What better time to reflect upon the past year and look to the new year. What would you do different and what are your new goals?


Kickstart 2024 with YOU as a focus and create a vision board with Carol leading the creative process.

Laurie will help you discover yourself more through an introduction to Human Design. Are you a Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector or a MG and what does that mean?

Attendees will experience a sound bath as they create their boards. 

December 3, 11:00am



*Please bring magazines, photos and scissors.

Immerse yourself in the vibrations of a sound bath created with singing bowls and other instruments.  No prior meditation experience required. 

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or cushion to maximize relaxation.

Chairs are available if that is more comfortable for you.  

Come relax, balance your body and awaken the Wisdom of the Soul.

All are welcome.

Mid-Week Reset - Wednesday

5:30pm Doors Open

6:00pm start

(doors lock at 6:05pm)

Space is limited.  Please bring your own yoga mat, blankets or cushion.


*registration is required - space is limited

Weekly Sound Baths
Moon Stages

Our Full & New Moon Sound Baths use the power of the the moon along with intentions and sound waves to provide a unique experience.


~ New Moon Baths will focus on new beginnings, planting seeds and setting intentions for the cycle.  We will write down goals and visualize those outcomes.

~ Full Moon Baths will focus on energy peaking, celebrating and showing gratitude for all that has come and releasing intentions into the universe.

Full Moon Sound Baths

6/3, 8/1, 8/30, 9/29, 10/28, 11/27 & 12/26

*no bath for July Full Moon

New Moon Sound Baths

6/17, 7/17, 8/16, 9/14, 10/14, 11/13 & 12/12

5:30pm Doors Open

6:00pm start

(doors lock at 6:05pm)

Please bring your own yoga mat, blankets or cushion.


*registration is required - space is limited

Full & New Moon Sound Baths

Private Events

Sound Baths

Oracle Card Party

Young Living Make & Take

Bachelorette Party

... and so many other options

Do you want to add something different to the mix

when you hang out with your friends? 

Do you want to truly connect and bond as you explore

spirituality and healing you’ve always known was part of you?

Invite your friends to experience the magic that is

the Wisdom of the Soul.

We provide a safe and professional experience.  Come to us or we travel to you.  We offer unique experiences based on your needs.  Rates are dependent upon location, day and time, type of service, number of participants and any add-ons or special circumstances regarding your request.

*We are located in La Crosse, WI.  We do travel, but client pays all travel costs involved.


Corporate Events

Sound Baths are an accessible, innovative way to relieve stress, make employees feel at ease and bring the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace.

By immersing the participants in soothing sounds that help to promote the body's natural relaxation it has been found to reduce anxiety and stress and help people to find balance and harmony. 

We provide a safe and professional experience using singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, drums and other instruments making Sound Baths an attractive addition to your wellness program.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased confidence, clarity of the mind
    and enhanced creativity

  • Team Building, Problem Solving skills
    and Connection

  • Increased listening ability

  • Peaceful workplace environment

  • Alleviation of tension

We travel to you and offer unique experiences based on your needs.  Rates are dependent upon location, day and time, type of service, number of participants and any add-ons or special circumstances regarding your request.  *We are located in La Crosse, WI.  We do travel, but client pays all travel costs involved.

Virtual Options are in the process of being created and will be launched Q4 2023.

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