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A Little About Us

Laurie and Jonathan
Our story covers 30+ years and somehow, we landed back in my hometown.


In October 2012 I felt the need to move back to my hometown, Holmen, WI. 

I had a thriving career in Milwaukee, so why leave the city, the salary, the friends?  Because my dad was 91 years old and my mom had been taking care of them both for a long time.  I wanted to be part of that, to help.

Living in Milwaukee provided a great foundation for my career path. 

Robert W. Baird & Co., Bradley Center, Boerner Botanical Gardens, Summerfest, Iron Horse Hotel and WI State Fair. 

From administration to marketing and events, I was always drawn to something different, exciting and the newest trend (insert Human Design Manifesting Generator reference here)!

After we moved back to La Crosse, we settled in right away and became active members of the community.  

I stopped working full-time in the Summer of 2021.  We were still working through COVID, my Dad's dementia "flashes" had become more frequent and mom was getting tired.  I decided it was time to step away and be more involved in the daily activities of my parents. 

This was a huge change, but I knew in my heart it was what needed to be done.

During this time, I kept wondering what my true path was.  Yes, I am good at what I do, but what was calling me from my gut?  All I could come up with was "I need to be here now and when it's time I will know".

For some reason I picked up a Himalayan Singing Bowl from a local Reiki practitioner.  I was drawn to the gentle hum it made and the vibrations felt good in my hand.  I had received my Reiki II attunement a couple of years prior and the bowl seemed to wake up and activate the energy in the palm of my hand.  I received a second bowl as a gift, a very small bowl, with a very high pitch.  This one was felt at the top of my head and down my spine.  "WHAT IS GOING ON?" was all I could think!  "This is amazing!"  And every time I used a bowl, I felt better.

I researched and researched how to use the instruments and the benefit of the soundwaves passing through your body.  I knew I had found my thing!  Now, how to learn more in a structured setting.  I googled where I could gain this knowledge.  SO MANY places came up on my search.  I clicked through to a few of the sites and decided to sit on it.  I didn't understand how I could "become an expert" in just a 3 day weekend class.  There had to be other options out there.  I waited a few days and when I searched again, I put thought into what I wanted to find.  This time School of Sound and Healing popped up.  It was in Elm Grove, WI!  School was over 4 months with 4 3-day classroom/hands on learning each month.  I again sat on it for a few days, but kept returning to the site to read the information and the class agenda.  The day I registered, I received an email from the facilitator saying she had shut the registration off, but somehow my form had still come through and I would be the 11th student in the class.  She and I agreed that it was Divine Timing

I received my Certificate as a Master Sound Practitioner in January of 2023.

I could not be more grateful for the opportunities provided to me, the knowledge gained, the experiences had, the lessons learned and the connections made, but I am excited for this next chapter knowing that I come from all of that, ready to start again. 

So here I am... new yet the same, fresh yet a little scratched and dented, but most of all, I Am Ready!

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